We’ll post job offers here. Or links.

Badass Accounts Executive

You know what an Accounts Exec is. You don’t need a job description. Get in touch with us and let’s have a drink and a chat.

Motion Graphics / Video Editor

You know Ae and Pr like you programmed them. Click image below to send portfolio and youtube links.

Admin Superhero

Read offer below picture, click picture if you wish to apply. Send CV and references.

You are a fresh graduate, some experience would be appreciated.

You can work with spreadsheets (Excel, Google docs) with your eyes closed, create basic presentations using Canva or Indesign (we’ll teach you), are super-organized and think like a calendar.

You’re willing to learn, proactive,  berani, and can speak English well enough to communicate with our clients if needed.

You’re based in South Jakarta (we’re close to PIM) or you like riding the bus for 3 hours every day.

Attractive salary, sesuai pengalaman.